We've applied the ideas of self-built housing and prefabrication to make a Tiny House for living or working.





The small and adaptable structure of the Frontcountry Hut is adaptable for urban living, as well as anywhere that can accessible by road, and can be seen as part of the Tiny House Movement. The dwelling system affords the opportunity to furnish the modular pre-fabricated shell with a customized interior that supports full time residential occupation with a full bedroom and kitchen design, or as a studio for a live/work space.  The Frontcountry Hut emphasizes sustainability in the materials, pre-fabrication, and construction processes of the house, as well as the principles that inform minimalist living.


modular design
Frontcountry design

In an urban site, the Frontcountry Hut responds to the need for affordable housing amid tight zoning regulations and limited space for new construction. It can be adapted as an addition to an existing house, or designed as a self-contained, full-time occupancy residence. The modular design allows for an incremental modification of an individual Hut, or for a more connective construction of several huts to create an urban enclave of multifunctional structures. 

The Frontcountry Hut is a modest solution that considers the responsibility of architecture towards its relationship with the way we live in and shape our cities. By aligning with self-build principles, we see the project as bringing the thinking and practice of architecture, and the participation in the construction of living spaces, closer to the general public.




The modular design of the structure allows you to increase the space as much as you like and adapt it for individual and community residential purposes. We collaborate with exceptional designers to offer fully customizable interiors and furniture for your Tiny House, in addition to a more basic fit-out. The base model measures 191 square feet (studio loft: sleeps 2-4 people) and has a covered entry front. 

Main module: 191 sqft
fontcountry interior

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