Hold the vision. Trust the process.

Our pre-fabricated design allows a fast building process of 2 weeks - there are more steps involved. We want to support you to be ready for the process.

The overall process can take between 6-12 month from planning to finish.

Get Started

Interested in our product? Here are the initial steps:


Schedule a meeting

Fill out our form and schedule a meeting with us.
Be prepared to explain your vision and where you are to date.


Collect Necessary Documents

Understand tasks that are involved on both sides and start planning phase. Items that you would need to consider are financial planning, zoning research, and land survey report. Find more details in our checklist.


Start the project

Sign the project description and pay a retainer.

Checklist & Preparation

Download our checklist as a guideline for your research that you need to do. It will also help you to prepare for a first conversation with us.