The Shell System

The modular design of the structure allows you to increase the space as much as you like and adapt it for individual and community residential purposes. We collaborate with exceptional designers to offer fully customizable interiors and furniture for your home. 


Scalable Design   |    Ease of Assembly    |    Customization    |    Sustainability


Scalable Design

The base model measures 206 square feet (studio loft: sleeps 2-4 people) and has a covered entry front.



Ease of Assembly

The Hut is designed for a more accessible construction of temporary or full-time residence and operation in remote areas, with the idea that it is easy to assemble through a collective 'barn-raising' process.

Ease_Unloading from truck BHC.png

Do you have property that is difficult to access?

As a flat-packed kit of parts the Hut is easy to ship to a variety of locations across North America.

Each component is flat-packed onto pallets for shipping to a location close to the site, then transported via air or off-road vehicles. Site preparation requires no use of heavy machinery for minimal site disruption. Piling holes are hand-dug and concrete is poured into sonotubes to form piles for the foundation.

Ease_Assembly Diagram.jpg

A prefabricated core minimizes the carbon footprint and site imprint of the structural assembly. Prefabrication allows for an economy and conservation of material and energy usage in the production and assembly of the building components.




The hut can serve different purposes: you can set it up as a backcountry hut for outdoor groups or you can use it as a front-country hut for personal usage. The basic shell consists of 4 posts, 4 beams and a roof.

6 Backcountry Fit-Out.jpg


The hut fits a community kitchen at the bottom and a bunk-bed sleeping area at the top floor.


7 Frontcountry Fit-Out.jpg


You can choose the interior to fit a full-size kitchen at the bottom and a large sleeping area at the top-floor for a more personal use.




Environmentally sensitive products are used for all materials such as: engineered wood products, FSC certified lumber, 100% recyclable components. The Backcountry Hut company adopts a zero-waste philosophy in its design and implementation of its products.

BHC Environment Diagram (1).jpg
Into the Sun Side View.jpg

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