Hold the vision.
Trust the process.

Pictured: Interior of the ‘Surf Hut’

Pictured: Interior of the ‘Surf Hut’

Getting Started

Our prefabricated system allows a fast building process of weeks rather than months. The Backcountry Hut Company offers support throughout the process, starting with pre-design services to work with clients to assess the feasibility of the project. These preliminary steps are important to ensure the success of the project prior to the start of construction. The overall process can take between 6-12 month from planning to finish, depending on the complexity of the project . There are three phases in a project:


Follow the steps below:


I. Schedule a Meeting

Fill out our form and schedule a meeting with us.
Be prepared to explain your vision and where you are to date.

II. Collect Necessary Documents

Understand tasks that are involved for all parties and start pre-sales phase. Items that every client would need to consider include financial planning, zoning research, and project- specific requirements. Details are available here in our checklist.

III. Start the Project

Review the project description document, sign the retainer contract and provide the deposit.


Checklist & Preparation

Download our checklist as a guideline for your research. It will also help you to prepare for a first conversation with us.