The Backcountry Hut Company started in 2015 as an idea for a simple, recreational structure that could be easily installed in a remote location — something that most backcountry enthusiasts romanticize over.

After working with the outdoor community in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, founder Wilson Edgar was inspired to collaborate with Michael Leckie, Principal Architect of Leckie Studio, on a design for a prefabricated shelter that wasn’t limited to being extremely rudimentary. Working together on the modular design of the Backcountry Hut, the team reached out to Cyrill Werlen, a master builder from Saas-Fe, Switzerland with an appreciation for quality and the concept of self-assembly. 



The Team

Wilson Edgar Co-Founder / Principal

Wilson Edgar
Co-Founder / Principal


Driven to create winning solutions in all aspects of his life, Wilson Edgar has always worked in business development roles to solve and overcome challenges with teams of great people and clients. Wilson loves the great outdoors, and spends his free time skiing, hiking, mountaineering, running or mountain biking – with whoever will join him, but almost always with his dog Ace. He tries to share and contribute to communities of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts by supporting organizations, most notably acting as President of the British Columbia Mountaineering Club. Wilson crafts the Backcountry Hut Company as a response to the demand for exceptionally designed shelters. He developed the initial concept for the Backcountry Hut and, believing in working with the best people, Wilson has since been collaborating with Michael Leckie to develop the company’s vision.

Michael Leckie   Architect AIBC, M. Arch Co-Founder / Principal

Michael Leckie Architect AIBC, M. Arch
Co-Founder / Principal


Michael Leckie is a registered Architect in the province of British Columbia, and Principal at Leckie Studio – an experimental multidisciplinary design practice with clients across North America. His work experience includes modernist single family and multi-family homes, heritage and industrial rehabilitations / conversions, as well large-scale institutional projects. Michael is an outdoor enthusiast with seven years of experience in managing forestry projects situated in remote sites across Canada. Michael is an avid snowboarder and surfer, and has spent decades exploring the West Coast from Haida Gwaii to the bottom of the Baja Peninsula.

Cyrill Werlen Manufacturing Partner

Cyrill Werlen
Manufacturing Partner


Cyrill Werlen developed his love of woodworking early on as a teenager at his brother-in-law's mill shop in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, and went on to complete a Swiss Cabinet Maker apprenticeship program and a Bachelor of Wood Science and Processing program. Cyrill brings a deep knowledge of woodworking comes from a diverse immersion in the industry and his project management experience in Switzerland. Yearning to see how other manufacturers operate, he came to Canada to experience North American manufacturing processes. He fell in love with Canada and quickly developed Cascadian Wood Tech, which has grown over the past four years into a very successful, self-sustaining business creating high-quality wood-based structures. Having been introduced to the Backcountry Hut Company, Cyrill saw that his vision matched what Michael and Wilson were trying to accomplish and joined the team.