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How much does a BHC structure cost?

Pricing of our structures is based on a shell cost, the number of modules, the interior level finish set by the client. BHC will help you in the first consultation to understand a budget for your BHC structure and your total project.

Where does BHC ship?

Currently we ship all over Canada and the US. We plan on expanding our abilities to distribute to UK, European, Australian, and New Zealand markets in the near future.

How does a Bank classify a BHC structure?

The BHC Structure is a home. It is fabricated for assembly onsite. Our structure is engineered and will meet your local building codes and is placed on a permanent foundation (pilings/perimeter foundation).

Can your standard plans be customized?

Yes! Please review our process page!

What are the dimensions of the BHC modules?

The modules the Alpine Hut and Surf Hut are 16’ wide x 10’ long (increments) x 24’6” tall. The Great Lakes Cabin are 18’wide x 10’ long (increments) x 14’ tall.

Differences between Frontcountry & Backcountry?

The Backcountry version uses the same shell as the Frontcountry version. However, a backcountry version doesn’t need or have water/sewer hookups and sometimes it does have solar or other off-grid electrical services.

Other questions?

Reach out to us to receive your introductory email.
Alternatively: info(at)thebackcountryhutcompany.com